Put Control Back Into Your HR

All your CV's in one easy to use private search engine
Automatic Scans Automatic Scans

PopCV automatically scans your new mailbox for relevant CVs.

Intelligent Parses Intelligent Parses

PopCV intelligently parses your CVs and reads every last bit.

Analytic Clever Analytic Clever

Results-driven process at a click of a button.

Ensures matchability Ensures matchability

PopCV ensures matchability so you know who to call for an interview.

Communication Easy Communication

It's Best Way to Communicate With Job Candidates

Applicant Tracking System Applicant Tracking System:

Helps track job openings, resumes, candidates and contacts more quickly and efficiently.

Create custom workflows Create custom workflows

With POPCV , you can design workflows for your business needs.

Event Tracking for Recruiting process Event Tracking for Recruiting process

POPCV Event Tracking  provides a single location for all messages.

The cloud-based data warehouse The cloud-based data warehouse:

streamline access, discovery, automatic cleansing, and integration of all data.

Related Information Framework Related Information Framework

This makes for a flexible approach that can easily be integrated within your own workflow process

Increase your recruitment productivity and find the best candidates for your organization.

CV's get uploaded to your personal PopCV mailbox. You can
then search through them using our intelligent search engine.

Take a closer look at a candidate in our automatically created
profiles. All the info you need, easy to read, easy to find.


PopCV will speed up your recruitment process and
make it easy to handle and view jobseeker CV's.

PopCV automatically scans your PopCV mailbox and intelligently parses those documents, analyzing the probability of a good match to your job opening � the way you defined it, the way you need it. You get a list of relevant job seekers, complete with their matchability rate, without the need to actually field your bulging mailbox.

Use PopCV and get an effective, to-the-point, recruiting process, that will turn potential candidates into promising employees.

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Send your CV to cv@popcv.com and receive pampering benefits.

Get CV Verification and Independent skills referencing tools.

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